Strategic, advisory and compliance

Our strategic, advisory and compliance services use our in-depth industry knowledge to advise on a strategic approach to a problem or issue. This could be an IP audit of a business, for example, or advice on website, ecommerce and data compliance.

Strategic advisory services may include advising a client on options and implications of various ways of monetising IPR within a proposed product, advising a CEO on the implications of various supply and customer contracts, through to helping a business prepare for a sale or investment.

We are often retained to be the “eyes and ears” of a business and to support the management team in a general counsel role.  We also frequently provide advice to board directors and investors in this capacity.


Transactional and related services enable us to lead or assist in the drafting, negotiating and completion of contractual transaction work. This could be the licensing of software or the supply of hardware products, through to the commission of a TV series or content for a digital platform.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute related services enable us to work with clients to prevent and resolve conflicts and, if necessary, manage disputes. Examples include copyright infringement allegations, misuse of trademark and confidential information, and contractual disputes arising from website development projects, customer and supplier contracts.


On more complex, specialist or international matters, we provide a bespoke wraparound service. By collaborating with your executive and legal team, and with other external specialist advisors, we deliver a co-ordinated and complete solution. Our experience and proactive approach mean we work productively and cost effectively with multiple advisors.

For example, this could be a de-merger, investment or sale of a business or an online copyright infringement claim involving multiple territories.  This often means we collaborate with other legal, tax and commercial advisors, both internationally and locally.

S&C Collective

We have developed the S&C Collective for Creative & Digital Agencies to access key template contracts and guidance on the specific issues relevant to them and their industries.

We understand that clients in this sector are tight on time and often want, or need, to conserve their legal spend, without risking their business. The S&C Collective enables Creative & Digital Agency clients to buy the legal contracts they need, tailored specifically to their sector and informed by our many years of industry experience.

These template contracts are regularly updated to reflect our clients’ constantly evolving industries, and to consistently deliver a best practice solution. To minimise legal costs and risk, clients can use our specialist guidance notes to help them complete template contracts.