Ofcom, the newly elected regulatory of the UK’s online industry is seeking evidence to support its work on online safety regulation, including child risk assessments from the public and online businesses plus evidence and suggestions on how to prevent children accessing pornographic and inappropriate harmful content.

Ofcom has stated that within the first 100 days of its online safety powers taking effect, it will publish and consult on draft codes of practice and guidance on the first phase of the new regulation – protecting users from illegal harms online. Last year, it published a call for evidence on these first phase areas.

Shortly after secondary legislation passes to define priority content that is legal but harmful to children, Ofcom will consult on draft codes and practice guidelines setting out the steps platforms can take to protect children online, as well as draft guidance on how platforms should assess risks of harms to children.

At this stage, Ofcom is calling for evidence on this phase of online safety regulation, including: child access assessments; child risk assessments; preventing children accessing pornography; and protecting children from harmful content.

Its request for evidence will remain open until 5pm on 21 March 2023. It would like to hear from those with an expertise in protecting children online, and providers of online services.

More information can be found here: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/news-centre/2023/ofcom-presses-ahead-with-work-to-protect-children-online

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