Who should attend?

Freelancers, existing small medium enterprises and anyone thinking about or involved in setting up or running a small medium sized enterprise. The workshop will be run by lawyer Rebecca Steer from Steer and Co and accountant Steve Coombe from Burnside Chartered Accountants. The workshop will cover:


What is the best trading entity for your business? A comparison of sole trader, partnership and company options;

What key contracts should a business have in place?

  • Shareholders Agreements/Partnership Agreements;
  • Customer and client terms and conditions;
  • Supplier terms and conditions;
  • Freelancers and Consultants contracts;
  • Employment contracts;
  • NDA’s.

What are your business objectives/goals? How should you prepare your business from a legal perspective to achieve these goals?

Taking on staff and freelance consultants – what should you do?

Key legal considerations when running a small enterprise:

  • Use of data and data protection obligations;
  • Trademarks and protecting your business identity and brand;
  • Intellectual property rights and protecting your business assets;
  • Marketing your business and the use of social media;
  • Using agents to develop business opportunities;
  • Outsourcing work and subcontracting work;
  • Statutory and consumer obligations on your business;
  • Liability and insurance;
  • Professional and trade groups.

How to get paid and avoid payment disputes and bad debts.

Tips to avoid legal disputes (and help you to win if you are involved in a dispute).

Preparing your business for sale or acquisition.


  • Setting up a company;
  • Setting up in business as a sole trader or partnership;
  • Companies House – what is it?
  • Forming a company – what are directors and shareholders?
  • Filing documents – annual accounts and annual returns, typical deadlines and penalties.


  • Registration thresholds;
  • What is involved – VAT100s, frequency, deadlines and payment dates;
  • Online services;
  • Flat Rate Scheme;
  • Cash accounting;
  • The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS).

Corporation tax

  • What is it?
  • Rates;
  • Payment and submission deadlines, annual corporation tax returns.

Remuneration options as a director/ shareholder

  • Dividends;
  • Salary.
  • Remuneration as a sole trader
  • Remuneration to staff/PAYE obligations
  • Tips on how to maintain a healthy business
  • Tips on how to grow your business
  • Considerations if you intend to sell your business in due course
  • A summary of the key events in a business year from an accountancy/compliance perspective – corporation tax payment dates, VAT returns, PAYE reporting etc.

Open Question and Answer session

There will also be time after the open Question and Answer session to talk to each speaker individually about specific issues affecting your business.

Date: 23rd March 2015
Time: 4 – 6pm
Venue: Goldbrick House

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